NEOBEAR Popup Zoo 2 AR 3D Literacy Card

neobear popup zoo 2




neobear popup zoo 2

Voice Control Mode - Interaction with Animals

In Popup Zoo 2, children can summon animals by speaking various animal names. By using the summon card, speaking the animal's name, the animal will appear on the summon card. Through more voice commands such as saying "run", "walk", animals can do different actions!

neobear popup zoo 2

Know the Habitat of Animals - Scene Cards

Camels living in the desert, crabs in the water habitat, giant pandas living in the bamboo ... ... take out the scene card and combine it with the animal cards, you can take the animals back to their original habitats!

neobear popup zoo 2

Stay at the Zoo - Animal Card

In Popup Zoo 2, there are nearly 100 kinds of animals living in front of you, the use of new AR technology, through animal cards, making travel to the zoo possible at home.

neobear popup zoo 2

Keep a Small Pet - Pet Mode

In Popup Zoo 2 pet mode, children can keep and take care for small animals, animals will gradually grow up. So that children can get the experience of taking care of pets when they are still very young.

neobear popup zoo 2

Weather Controlled by You - The Weather Console

In the Popup Zoo 2 world, you only need to use your fingers to hold the different icons on the weather console, you can transform a variety of weather phenomena for the animals.

neobear popup zoo 2

Interact with Animals - Item Card

In the real zoo, people needs to stay far from watching the wild animals, there is no way to play with them. But in Popup Zoo 2, by just a small item card, you can interact with them. For example, you can give the big tiger meat, command the sea lion to play the ball.



張生張太, 阿仔

阿仔對學習本來就提不起興趣,始終在香港讀書「細細個」已經要「死記爛記」好多生字,換著是我都不想學習。我同老婆於是開始搜尋一些又可以玩又可以學習的教材,於是比我找到這個AR產品,就買回去試試。之後發現,阿仔返到屋企主動使用這個產品,我看他玩得很開心,就和他一起玩, 實行親子樂!現在我和阿仔一起玩之餘, more

林生林太, 阿女

從來沒想過二百幾元就可以買到一個學習外語的教材,除了學習動物生字,還可以比小朋友認識到很多動物,有些動物連我自已也不懂得讀。我不想阿女「細細個」就錯失了學習外語的最佳時期,現在阿女不但輕鬆地學習外語生字,還懂得將不同的功能卡組合在一齊,例如將「道具卡」放在「海獅」旁,再放「場景卡」, more